Here’s the full writeup I did for that feature/post I mentioned on my last blog entry. They had to edit it out to fit the Instagram character requirement. The photo above is the one I sent in.
A little backstory on Infinity Blues: my love affair with music photography started in 2006. The love died a couple of years later. It got reignited only in January of this year. That said, there was a moment when I considered picking something more recent. My photos back then wasn’t as “good” as the ones I’ve taken this year. For me, anyway. I was 20 then and enthusiastic and optimistic and just shot and shot, regardless if they were good or not.

Anyway, Number One on my Favorite Music Photos I’ve Shot list is of a band that’s near and dear to my heart: Up dharma Down. I took the photo on February 17, 2006 at their mall gig at Alabang Town Center. I chose the photo not because of technical reasons (i.e composition, lighting, etc.) You can’t even see the drummer! Haha! It’s my favorite because of what that photo, what that night, means to me.

Encapsulated in the photo is the first time that I’ve seen them live. My excitement levels were off the charts in the hours leading up to the gig. Who wouldn’t be excited? It was the first time I was seeing this band that, a decade later, is still on my Top Five Bands/Artists Of All Time. I was such a huge fan that, even with my crippling shyness due to my stuttering, I approached them afterwards, introduced myself, told them I was a huge fan, had my Fragmented CD signed, and had a photo taken with them.
I was far from a music photographer then. I was just a kid with a camera on one hand and a propensity for good music in the other. I was just a kid skirting on the edges of adulthood, wondering what to do with the rest of his life.

I’ve taken lots of photos of Up dharma Down and other bands in the 06-09 period. I’ve taken better photos. I’ve shot more interesting photos. I’ve taken a black and white photo of Up dharma Down vocalist Armi Millare at a 19 East gig in 07 that sparked my undying affection for black and white photos – the one that I’m now known for. I’ve taken photos this year that I consider my visual favorites. But this was the photo that started it all for me. That night in 2006 was the night that started it all.

It was in that night that I fell in love with a band. It was in that night that I fell in love with music photography. It was in that night that I fell in love with local music. It was in that night that I fell even more in love with music in general.

You can check out here:

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