Sunday seems like an odd day to hold a music related event. It doesn’t have that “IT’S THE WEEKEND!!” punch of a Friday, nor the celebratory feel of a Saturday. Sunday is for chill. For family. For quiet. For intimacy. For privacy.

And that’s exactly why Reese Lansangan’s #CreeperClub private ‘Arigato, Internet’ listening party at A-Space happened on a Sunday, I suppose. It seemed appropriate.


Arigato, Internet!

As I’m part of the #Reese1stAlbum documentation team, I’ve been privy to most of the events that leads up to the album launch on Sunday. To be completely honest, I did forget about this event. I was only reminded when I saw the schedule at the A-Space Facebook page. A day later, I got a message from Reese inviting me to the private event.

The #CreeperClub was exclusive to fans, a few media, and industry insiders. The fans were chosen by the Reese Interns and by Reese herself on social media and at gigs. Select fans were sent private messages and were given invitations at her gigs. It was a way to let the loyal fans, the ones who are very very active on social media and at Reese’s gigs, in on something special before anyone else.


Some of the super special select few who got invited


The concept of the event was inspired by Taylor Swift’s Secret Sessions, a super secret private listening party for the Swifties held in Swift’s homes across the world. Reese, a fan of Swift’s, explained it to the attendees when the festivities started. And as someone who was once active in the local Taylor Swift fandom, I can honestly say that #CreeperClub did accomplish to have that feel to it.

The fans, yours truly included, got a track by track listen to the songs that made it to Arigato, Internet before everyone else. Reese also gave introductions before the songs – the inspiration behind the songs, the stories behind them, etc. It was a truly intimate look into the mind of Reese Lansangan. Fans, I’m sure, have been clamoring to know what the eleven songs are about.


Reese telling the backstory on the songs


There are a couple of songs that Reese is known for that’s been omitted from Arigato, Internet, including fan favorite “Trophy Boy.” Reese explains that it didn’t fit the vibe of the album anymore and that she’s in a different place now as to when she wrote it years ago. I’d have to agree. Hearing the songs in the album, I just couldn’t picture “Trophy Boy” in it. Even the other fan favorite “On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink,” didn’t make the cut. It is, however, included in the album as a bonus track.


Fans listening to the album


The fans present in #CreeperClub were also treated to what I can only describe as “fangirl/boy dream come true” when we got to hear the songs that Reese has yet to play live at her gigs. One memorable track, and for the life of me I don’t know why I didn’t write things down because now I can’t remember the name of the track, is an upbeat one that reminded me of Taylor Swift’s Red album.

The #CreeperClub took a momentary break halfway through the album to relax and to savor in what was happening. The fans were given ice cream courtesy of The Ice Cream Queens and a special torched cookie from St. Hale Cookies that was too sweet for my sensitive throat. But damn it, it was good! They even demonstrated how they make the cookies!


The strawberry ice cream from The Ice Cream Queens


Torching the marshmallow goodness!


All in all, I’d say that the #CreeperClub was a success. The fans went home happy and had one helluva day to remember for the rest of their lives. Oh, did I mention that they came home with a loot bag that’s filled with goodies that Reese herself hand-picked?


Reese showing the loot bag


The interns and the organizers of #CreeperClub had dinner at a nearby restaurant afterwards. I was in observer mode all throughout. I was keenly observing her and her interactions with the interns. Even at #CreeperClub, I was observing her when I wasn’t taking photos of the memories that were unfolding in front of me. I was observing how she treated her fans, how she talked to them. It was truly extraordinary how genuine and affectionate she was with everyone in the room and whoever was around her.


Catching up on social media?


In her Twitter bio, it says that “Reese Lansangan is many things she can’t compromise. Singer-songwriter, visual artist, graphic & fashion designer – all rolled into one convenient sushi.”

She’d probably never edit the bio to include it as it seems self-serving and egocentric but, aside from the many things she can’t compromise, she’s also an inspiration.

Pictured: An inspiration
Arigato, Internet!


More photos!


The youngest Reese fan ever!


The Reese Interns! (Prepared na si Mica)


Fans curiously looking at the album


Batang Lansangan – The Reese Lansangan fanclub


Reese deep in thought. Perhaps plotting world domination.


Parts 1 & 2  are here:

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