I’ve seen him do his stand-up comedy act about twice. Not intentional, but incidental. Those times I watched him, it was in support of his opening act, Arianne dela Cruz. Arianne is a friend of mine who once did the singer-songwriter/band circle years ago. She was, for a while, the musical opening act of Mike Unson’s comedy tour.

Last night at Checkpoint, history sort of repeated itself. I went to watch one of the musical acts that preceded him on stage, Fiona Comendador. Also a friend of mine.

There was something serendipitous about last night. After my buy/sell meetup at Makati, I went to Luna Coffee in BGC to write the entry prior to this. Luna Coffee was my home for three months two years ago. It was there where I got to live my singer-songwriter dreams. It was also there that I met the most talented of musicians in the Metro. Fiona included. As is Roy Antonio.

I went home to rest a bit before heading to Checkpoint. I was unsure of what time the gig would start so I went online to check. I saw that Roy Antonio was also on the lineup. I haven’t seen him and heard him live since December of 2014 so imagine my excitement!

Fiona and I talked a bit to catch up. Haven’t seen her in May of last year, I believe. It was fun. Her enthusiasm and unwavering faith despite her recent trials are still there. She’s quite an inspiration once you get to hear her story. She’s certainly one of mine. Got to talk to Roy, as well.

Anyway, I don’t know why I don’t go out there to watch stand-up comedy. It’s something that I enjoy watching. I need the laughter. And last night was exactly what I needed. After what happened two nights ago, a break from the dread and the anxiety was in order. The stand-up acts were hilarious! Heh, one of the things on my bucket list is to do stand up comedy. I think I’d do great. I do love to make people laugh with my self-deprecating humor. I’d make fun of my stuttering and my depression. Humor has, after all, become a way to cope with my flaws.


















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