I’ll say it right off the bat: prior to seeing the A Space’s e-poster for the Faces of The Century photo exhibit, I didn’t know who Luc Fournol was. But I wanted to go anyway because A. I’m a Alfred Hitchcock fan and one of his portraits was the photo used on the e-poster, and B. I felt like I should go to exhibits, being a photographer and all.

With that said, I missed the first time Luc Fournol’s photos, part of a private collection by Cyril Clement, were shown to the public back in November. It was APEC week and the main artery leading to Makati was closed. Thankfully, A Space did another round. I wasn’t gonna miss it this time.


Portrait of Alfred Hitchcock


There were about two dozen portraits of notable personalities and celebrities – Luc Fournol’s contemporaries – from the 20th century. Among the subjects in the portraits are Salvador Dali, Frank Sinatra, Ernest Hemingway, Brigitte Bardot, and of course, Alfred Hitchcock.

Three portraits drew me in. The ones with Yul Bryner facing an audience with his head back to the camera, a couple (famous artists whose names I forgot) taking a break from painting a skyline of New York City, and Hitchcock pretend choking himself.

The Bryner portrait reminded me of that Reese Lansangan shot I did from her album launch. All those eyes fixed on one subject – a subject that has his or her back to the camera.

Anyway, the portraits are for sale, apparently. Each costs P140,000. A pretty penny, but worth it. If I had that much loose change lying around, I’d have bought the Hitchcock portrait right then and there.


The exhibit runs til February, I believe. Do check it out if you’re in the area and have got nothing better to do. You can find the details of the Faces of The Century exhibit at A Space’s Facebook account.

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