Fave Film Photos Pt. 2

I’ve shot sixty-six rolls of film. I’ve used five cameras (only have one now, an Olympus 35SP.) I’ve wasted films, I’ve maximized films – but I’m still learning. Still learning to master film photography. If I can. I’m bound to make more mistakes along the way, but there will definitely be room for improvement and growth.

My current camera:



For the gear hounds out there, here’s a list of specifics…

Cameras I’ve used:

  1. Seagull Reflex DF + Haiou-64 58mm
  2. Olympus 35DC
  3. Primoflex Twin Lens Reflex
  4. Pentax Espio 115M (didn’t include the photos from that camera….maybe on another post?)
  5. Canon FTb (with FL 50mm 1.8 and FD 28mm 2.8)


Films I’ve used:

  1. Ilford HP5+
  2. Ilford Delta 100
  3. Ilford Delta 400
  4. Ilford Delta 3200
  5. Ilford FP4
  6. Kodak Tri-X 400
  7. Kodak T-Max 400
  8. Kodak T-Max 100 (expired)
  9. Eastman Double X
  10. Rollei RPX 400
  11. Agfa APX 400 (expired)
  12. Fujifilm Neopan 400 (expired)
  13. Fujifilm Neopan 1600 (expired)
  14. Efke KB 100 (expired)
  15. Fujifilm Acros 100
  16. Agfa Vista Plus 400
  17. Fujicolor C200
  18. Fuji Superia X-Tra 400
  19. Fujifilm Natura 1600
  20. Lomo CN800
  21. Cinestill 800T


Anyway, here are the photos! These are the ones I’ve shot with the Canon FTb. Love that cam, to be honest. Had to sell it cos I’m indecisive as fuck.

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