On Which A Dream Was Fulfilled

On Which A Dream Was Fulfilled

One of my dreams in life is to be have an article I wrote be published on a major national website. It finally happened.

On February 19, 2016, I covered the Dama 3D Danao Dancel Dumas Anniversary Concert for When In Manila.

Here’s what went down:

It all started with three guys and their acoustic guitars banding together to pool their collective stories into one epic tale. Like the bards of old who wove their experiences and anguish into works of art, Johnoy Danao, Ebe Dancel, and Bullet Dumas has done the same in modern times. And it is all for the love of their craft. Pure unadulterated love. Of all the instruments made by man, there’s no instrument more primal and simpler than the acoustic guitar. In its own, it’s a tool to deliver the user’s emotional quandaries. Married with the unmistakable voices and exceptional lyrics of Danao, Dancel, and Dumas, it becomes magic. It becomes an experience.


You can read (and view the photos) here:


I Don’t Want To Be Anything Other Than Me

When I was in my early twenties, there was a TV show that was instrumental in defining being. It shaped every single aspect of my life. From my taste in music to the way I write, One Tree Hill was the prime influence in all of it. And I didn’t really pay any mind to it when it came out.

I thought it was about basketball. I’m far from being a sports fan, but I watched an episode from the show’s second season on a local TV channel and I immediately got hooked. It was about more than basketball. It was more than a teen series. It was about growing up. It was about loss. It was about love. It was about overcoming the odds. It was about music. It was about life.

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Of Wander & Frenzy

I woke up today to a message that I never expected. I had hoped to receive that message. I had wished. It was wishful thinking. I never thought I was worthy of the message. I never thought I was good enough – talented enough – already to be given the task that the message contained.

There were two messages, actually.

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Dama = Feel

Dama = Feel

I’ve mentioned before that my musical inclinations have, in recent years, leaned towards the stripped down, bare bones side of things. That simplicity and unfussiness of music has appealed to me due to, well, I wouldn’t say my age, but due to my bias for introspection and quiet. Simply put, I prefer acoustic singer-songwriter music on most days.

That’s why I’m a huge follower of the artists in the “3D: Danao Dancel Dumas” collective. Individually, the trio – Johnoy Danao, Ebe Dancel, and Bullet Dumas – does not need an introduction. All three have made names for themselves in local music history. All three have been success stories in OPM. All three are influential to the current and upcoming crop of guitar-wielding, whiskey swigging, lovelorn troubadours. And as a collective, as “3D,” the supergroup has definitely made an impact.

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Fire In The Hole

Fire In The Hole

This is bad. This is really bad.

I had no intention of doing anything else other than the one on my calendar. I only had one agenda yesterday: to have coffee with Bel Certeza. Money is pretty tight. Refer to the previous post as to the reason for my economic woes. But an hour or so before I left the house, I contacted a friend of mine from college. Her boyfriend’s band, Brisom, was going to play at Saguijo. I asked her if I can be added on the band’s guestlist.

Now, I’m not a cheapskate. I know how important door charge is to the bands that play a venue. If I have extra cash, I’d pay the door charge. But I do not. I told Marsha, the aforementioned college friend, that I’d take photos of Brisom in return. I didn’t get to. No, that’s not why things are bad. I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me start at the beginning.

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Laughter As A Drug

Laughter As A Drug

I’ve seen him do his stand-up comedy act about twice. Not intentional, but incidental. Those times I watched him, it was in support of his opening act, Arianne dela Cruz. Arianne is a friend of mine who once did the singer-songwriter/band circle years ago. She was, for a while, the musical opening act of Mike Unson’s comedy tour.

Last night at Checkpoint, history sort of repeated itself. I went to watch one of the musical acts that preceded him on stage, Fiona Comendador. Also a friend of mine.

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My Year In Music Photography

My Year In Music Photography

2015 marks the year of my return to music photography after a 6 year absence. The photos below are just some of the songs and moments that I’ve captured on my still not fully paid for Canon EOS 60D. lol

It’s been an uphill climb since January. Learned a ton from the local photographers that I admire. Got immersed in the scene once again. Made lots of new friends. Got to shoot behind the scenes photos from today’s most talented musicians. Two of my photos have made it to an actual album inlay. Some photos have been published on websites. And a couple of my photos might get printed on a local newspaper AND a local music magazine.

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