Walking Towards Uncertainty

I’m at the point again wherein my mood is way down and the reason is unknown to me. I have my suspicions, but it’s hard to properly discern the culprits as my emotions and thoughts are limited by the medications I’m on. That is, assuming, that the medications are the ones that prevents me from feeling. One reason could be is that I’m, once again, in denial.


There is a wall between me and my emotions once again. Be it denial or the medications, I can’t seem to figure out what I’m feeling, aside from being melancholic.

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The Futile Pursuit of True Happiness

I was drafting a mental letter while I was crashing from the previous night’s Venti Americano. It was almost 7:00 am and my mind was still racing left to right. While my mind was typing the letter, it suddenly let its subconscious slip that what I’m doing now (writing fiction and music photography,) while it makes me smile, isn’t making me happy. I mean really really happy. You know that happiness you feel when you’re in that honeymoon phase of a relationship? That kind of happy.

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